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Wenfei Law is aware of its Corporate Social Responsibility. Our law firm has decided to resume social responsibility and to occasionally offer “pro-bono” mandating in cases with social dimensions and supraregional effects.

Wenfei would like to ask you to submit information and facts about your case with a brief email to beijing[at] Please describe your case and present us your understanding of what the social dimension and supraregional effect in your matter consists. We assure you that our team of qualified and experienced lawyers will check your submission. In the event that we conclude that your matter may correlate with our capabilities and your matter is of supreme interests, we will revert to you in order to discuss the further proceeding in detail.

Wenfei Law reserves its right to assess each and single submission. This call for submission does not legally bind Wenfei Law in any way. Responsibilities of Wenfei Law may only be invoked if we revert to you upon your initial submission and when we have effectively discussed eventual proceeding with you.
Wenfei Law appreciates your understanding that we are limited in our offer of pro-bono mandates.

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