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China Legal Briefing No. 285

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  • Decision to Amend the Measures for the Administration of the Initial Public Offerings and Listing of Stocks
  • Interpretation by the Supreme People's Court of Several Issues Concerning the Application of the Anti-Unfair Competition Law of the People's Republic of China
  • Provisions on the Administration of Algorithm-generated Recommendations for Internet Information Services

China Legal Briefing No. 284

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  • New Negative Lists
  • Seed Law of the People's Republic of China (2021 Amendment)
  • Regulation on the Administration of the Registration of Market Entities

China Legal Briefing No. 283

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  • Establishment of the Beijing Stock Exchange (BSE)
  • Amendments to the "Civil Procedure Law of the PRC"
  • The China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) solicits comments on Draft Rules for Overseas Listing
  • Draft amendment to the "Company Law of the PRC"

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