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Wenfei Law offers its clients comprehensive legal advice and representation, with particular strengths in the following fields:

  • Litigation & Arbitration: Representation of clients before courts and arbitral tribunals, mediation, enforcement of judgments and arbitral awards; support of overseas litigation with regards to service of process, managing the collection of evidence, monitoring of local developments, and the development of strategies. Acting as arbitrators.

  • Transactions: negotiation for and review contracts of international trade, tender and bid, international M&A, Due Diligence. 

  • Investment: establishment of legal entities or representative offices, counseling in mergers & acquisitions and strategic investments in listed companies, investment structure planning, research and due-diligence upon acquisition targets and potential business partners. 

  • Corporate & Commercial: handling company formation, advice on resolution adoption, representing parties in bankruptcy and liquidation, M&A of local entities and FIEs. 

  • Financial Services: CSRC related matters, insurance and banking law. 

  • Natural Resource & Real Estate: advice on acquisition of mining rights, exploration rights, land use rights (LURs), advice on tenancy. 
  • Employment: advice and drafting of employment contracts, as well as advice on compliance with social security and pension rules, collective and individual labour relations, start-up hirings and close-down layoffs, expatriate employment arrangement and coordination. 

  • IP & IT: handling and coordination of registration of models, designs, trade marks, domain names, as well as registration and protection of copyrighted works including software; technology transfer and licensing; anti-counterfeiting and coordination of infringement investigation and evidence collection. 

  • Competition/Antitrust: handling of merger-control analysis and filings under local laws, handling and coordination of local fair-trade litigation matters as well as cooperation with overseas antitrust and fair-trade litigation. 

  • Tax: various tax advices related to investment, international trade and employment, such as preferential treatment, customs duty, VAT, BT, EIT, IIT, LUR VAT, consumption tax and other standard business tax issues. 

  • Outsourcing: compliance advice, risk management, review of contracts and other legal documents, negotiations. 

  • Private clients: Legal services to private clients, e.g. in marriage, marital property, inheritance and adoption matters.



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Frequently Asked Questions
Our lawyers have carefully prepared a list of questions & answers intended to give foreign business people a short overview of important areas of Chinese business law. These Q&A will provide you with brief but valuable indications on foreign investment requirements, legal forms of companies, arbitration in China, labor and property law, etc.
You may view these Q&A under the following link:
Frequently Asked Questions.
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